Everyday Champion: Liegha Deluca
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Everyday Champion: Liegha Deluca

Liegha Deluca, a Local 302 member and RPN employed by Albright Manor in Beamsville, won a $100 CLAC Store gift card for being an Everyday Champion! Liegha is a steward and also serves on the union’s bargaining committee. 

“I don’t think you will ever meet a finer RPN than Liegha,” says her nominator, Sabrina Patterson. “I’ve had the great opportunity to work side by side with her for many years. She not only goes above and beyond for her residents but also for the employees that work underneath her and beside her.” 

“Liegha’s sensitive and beautiful nature just brings so much joy to the workplace. She has a deep and loving relationship with every single one of her residents that she cares for, and they smile when they see her coming onto the floor. Every day, I see her holding the hand of a resident in distress or cracking a joke with another just to get a smile. She listens to the stories of their lives and never rushes off to the next patient. She always makes time. She comes to work every day no matter what is going on in her own life and is 100 percent ready for her residents. 

“Her sense of love and compassion for the residents is just the same with her fellow employees. She will go out of her way to comfort someone who is having a hard day, to sit and talk for a moment. She always has a listening ear. She’s one of our union reps as well and gives her whole heart and soul to being one. 

“Liegha gives of herself every day, so what a beautiful way to give back to her. I don’t know someone who is more deserving of this gift.”

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