Quick with a Smile, and a Solution
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Quick with a Smile, and a Solution

Celebrating Local 302 member Lisa Peever, a PSW and steward at Tabour Manor

Local 302 member Lisa Peever has been a PSW and steward at Tabor Manor in St. Catharines Ontario for eight years. During that time, she has served on the bargaining committee three times and assisted many members with a wide variety of issues. She also serves as the secretary for the Local 302 Board. 

Although working in long term care is very challenging, Lisa is always quick with smile to encourage those around her. She is also quick to raise issues and get them solved. Members appreciate her strong support in meetings with management and her ability to listen well and express strongly held opinions at the same time. 

Her favourite part about being a steward is resolving issues for her members. Her least favourite part is how much her personal time is interrupted. What makes it all worthwhile is when someone is happy with the extra work she has done for them. 

Local 302 is very grateful to have stewards like Lisa who are role models for the rest of us on how to speak up strongly for their fellow members while showing respect for everyone in the room. 

Keep up the good work, Lisa!


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