Recent Ontario Construction Ratifications
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Recent Ontario Construction Ratifications

Gosen Electric Ltd.

Local 6 members employed by Gosen Electric, based in Kitchener, voted strongly in favour of ratifying their first agreement. The 3-year agreement provides employees with total wage increases of 9.6%, total pension increases of 2%, as well as a training fund, the introduction of a boot and tool allowance, and improvements to travel pay and overtime. Employees will also receive three days’ paid leave of absence for the birth or adoption of a child.

Kent Erie Glass & Lock

Local 53 members employed by Kent Erie Glass in Chatham ratified a new 3-year agreement providing them with wage increases between 2-2.5%/yr. Improvements were made to employer pension contributions, vision care coverage, and the boot allowance. Members staying out of town for work projects will also benefit from improved daily meal allowance and pay.

Ridgeline Electric Inc.

Local 52 members employed by Ridgeline unanimously ratified a new 3-year agreement providing them with total wage increases of $4/hr. plus an additional 1% in employer contributions to the pension plan in year 3. The agreement also includes a $50 increase to the annual boot allowance, improved travel provisions, and contract language updates.

Rumble Electric Co. Ltd.

Local 52 members employed by Rumble Electric voted unanimously to ratify a new 3-year agreement that improves on an already sector-leading wage and pension package, with further wage increases of 2% each year, plus improvements to on-call pay. The contract also provides improvements to employer pension and benefits contributions. The 32 electricians and apprentices have been represented by Local 52 since 2016 when they left the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union to join CLAC.

“Everyone worked together to come up with an agreement that was beneficial for both sides,” says CLAC bargaining committee member Keith Gaudaur.

Rumble Electric provides high-rise residential, commercial, and industrial electrical services throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Taylor Electric Inc.

Local 53 electricians employed by Taylor Electric voted unanimously in favour of a first agreement. The 3-year contract provides for several improvements, including annual wage increases of $1/hr. with associated proportional increases for vacation pay, statutory holiday pay, and pension contributions. In addition, the settlement provides an improved policy for paid overtime and premiums, paid time for mandatory health and safety training, and an annual boot allowance.

Twiss Electric Inc.

Local 52 members employed by Twiss Electric (formerly Topline Electric) voted in favour of a new 3-year agreement providing them with 12.5% wage increases over the term, with 8.5% in the first year. The contract also provides guaranteed overtime pay on Saturdays; enhancements to bereavement leave, protective equipment allowance, and travel language for employees working beyond 100 kilometres; and increases to lead-hand and foreperson premiums. The members perform work in the Burlington area in the ICI and mid- and high-rise residential sectors.

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