Retrain, Retest, Recertify
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Retrain, Retest, Recertify

Skills Development in the Welding Trade

Welders across Alberta are constantly required to retrain, retest, and recertify their skills. It is one of many trades where skills and certification requirements are constantly evolving to keep up with industry demands.

One month, a welder may be hard surfacing a tank with a corrosion-resistant overlay. A few weeks later that welder could be working on high pressure piping systems in -40 degree weather. A few months down the road that welder will start up with a company doing structural welding on a bridge with dynamic loading requirements.

As welders progress through their careers, they are continuously taking on new projects, tasks, and employment opportunities that create demand for new or renewed certification. In the period of a year, a welder may work with a multitude of welding processes including GTAW, SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, PAC, OAC cutting, or carbon arc gouging. These processes then need to be applied to a variety of metal systems such as pipe, tube, plate, mesh, grating, sheet, and more. Finally, each of those processes and material shapes may then be supplied in a huge range of materials, ranging from mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or hardened steel—just to name a few.

Each new job brings a new training regiment and certification requirement.

Beyond skills development, every project maintains strict certification requirements to help mitigate liability concerns and ensure high-quality welds. Given the potential public safety impact connected to a welder’s work (piping systems, hand-railings, pressure piping, heavy duty components, etc.), certification standards for the welders remains a high priority.

Lastly, a successful welder must possess several physical abilities to perform high-quality welds. Regardless of experience, our bodies change. Changes in vision, muscle tone, endurance, and dexterity will all affect your welds. Tickets are issued for two years so that welders have to renew, ensuring that their skills still meet the demand for near-perfection.

CLAC Training runs a 37-bay welding facility out of our Edmonton Member Centre where we ensure that welders are safe, skilled, and certified to meet the high demands of their work. From CWB and pressure recertification to individualized training, CLAC Training is your go-to source for welder testing and training.

Ensure you have the skills and certification to grow your welding career! Contact us today. 

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