In Plain Sight
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In Plain Sight

When we hear the word disability, we often think of developmental disabilities. But one in five Canadians lives with a disability, and only a small fraction of them have a developmental disability. Many of these disabilities are hidden—such as mental health-related disabilities or chronic pain.

 The type of disability and the likelihood of disability is greatly influenced by age. Relatively few young Canadians experience pain or mobility-related disabilities, while those age 65 and over are quite likely to. On the flip side, young Canadians are much more likely to experience a mental health disability than their elderly counterparts.

Canadians with disabilities are less likely to be employed and more likely to experience financial hardship, particularly women. They often face discrimination and skepticism. Here’s a look at the stats and some tips for understanding disabilities in the workplace.

Check out the infographic from the September Guide below. 

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