Presumption of PTSI Extended to More Occupations
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Presumption of PTSI Extended to More Occupations

In 2018, the province of BC added various mental health disorders, including posttraumatic stress injuries (PTSI), to the list of illnesses that are presumed to be work related. Initially, only correctional officers, firefighters, paramedics, police, and sheriffs were covered by this amendment to the Workers Compensation Act. Now, emergency dispatchers, nurses, and publicly funded healthcare assistants are also covered. 

What does this mean for workers in these occupations who develop a mental health disorder? Because it is a presumptive condition, they no longer need to prove that their illness or disorder is work-related once they have been diagnosed, making it easier for them to proceed through the compensation claims process.

Why is the province extending the coverage? The government looked at several factors, including

  • the nature of the work and the potential for exposure to trauma,
  • the rate of claims for mental illness in each occupation, and
  • the cost of extending the presumption to the occupation.

The minister of labour also acknowledges the need to assess other occupations to ensure that workers who are at risk receive the coverage they need. 


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