Driving in Pain?
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Driving in Pain?

According to a recent study out of Ontario, 57 percent of truck drivers report experiencing musculoskeletal (MSD) pain at work, in particular, lower back pain. Given that MSDs make up almost one-half of work-related claims, and that truck-driving employs one in 35 working-aged males, we need to pay close attention to the risk that drivers face. 

Many large carriers have already adopted programs to address their employees’ health in a more comprehensive manner. This includes improving seating to reduce vibration, modifying workloads, and promoting a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. 

If you are a driver, ensure you get the support you need to protect yourself from injury. Eat well and stay active on the road as much as possible. And if you have concerns about your workplace, talk to your health and safety committee or steward.

Source: cos-mag.com 

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