Local 66 Members—Tough to Beat!
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Local 66 Members—Tough to Beat!

John Munroe, a long-time garbage truck operator and Local 66 steward, and his neighbour Darin Halverson competed last spring in the Iron Assassins Demolition Derby in Abbotsford. 

John and Darin built the car in their garage over a period of months. Their entire neighbourhood pitched in to help with the build and cheered on at the event. Local 66 was more than happy to help sponsor the car. 

“As a union, we are always trying to create a healthy work-life balance for our members,” says Jeff Wilson, CLAC representative. “Local 66 garbage truck operators have a hard job moving garbage bins in alleys and working long days. It’s important to remember that we are more than our jobs—we are people with various skills and hobbies that enrich us, our neighbourhoods, and our communities.” 

John and Darin’s car survived the first heat. Together with a pit crew of neighbours, they worked frantically to repair the car between heats and made it to the finals, where they placed fourth. They’ll be back to compete in 2020—possibly with two cars!

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