Hitting the Last Word: Overcome
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Hitting the Last Word: Overcome

The shift in industrial construction

By Wayne Lodge, Local 63 President 

It’s a very interesting and exciting time to be a CLAC and Local 63 member. I’ve been a CLAC member for seven years, and I’ve been on the Local 63 Board for four of those. During those years, we’ve experienced both increases and cuts in the construction and maintenance worlds. Gone are the days of $100 per barrel oil, but that hasn’t stopped us from continuing to work.

Some may have shifted to maintenance while others have gone back to learn a new skill. As a certain TV survivalist says: “Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.” 

I believe we are finally hitting that last word. 

After a couple years of a seemingly stale construction world in western Canada, things seem to be taking off a little bit. With some action on the Canadian pipeline front and on the coast of British Columbia, with some major projects taking shape, things seem to be turning around. The market draw for skilled tradespersons on the pipelines and in BC has created an increased demand for workers everywhere. 

Most Local 63 members are well-versed in travelling for work. Members flying east, west, or even north come to find employment and put food on the table. 

Travelling for work is something we’ve grown used to, and while I would love to see our members continue to find work within Local 63, be that in the oilsands, Calgary, Edmonton, Grand Prairie, or any of the other many sites our members are working at, the real desire is just to see them working. 

I’m confident that our brothers and sisters in Local 68 will also welcome a few Local 63 shirts and hats on their job sites in BC as our members do what they do best—find work and provide value on their job sites. 


Your Local 63 Board

Wayne Lodge, President (AECOM Maintenance Contractors Ltd.)

Colin Pottie, Vice-President (KBR Wabi Ltd.)

Kevin Kiddie Sr., Secretary (AECOM Maintenance Contractors Ltd.)

Chad Henderson, Treasurer (Ledcor Group)

Frantz Joseph Maignan, Member-At-Large (Ledcor Group)

Kevin Krysko, Member-At-Large (Kiewit Energy Construction Co.)

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