Passive Project, Positive Impact
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Passive Project, Positive Impact

The function and design of Ottawa Street YWCA is informed by the needs of the Hamilton community. The area residents wanted more community space in the neighbourhood, so the project included two spaces into the design of the new building, one indoor and one outdoor. The building will also be built with both sustainability and aesthetic considerations being of primary concern on the project.

Kearns Mancini Architects, leaders in passive house design, created a concept that integrates smoothly and thoughtfully into the surrounding neighbourhood. The Schilthuis Group of Companies were brought on board due to their expertise in construction and their ability to deliver an innovative project such as a passive house design. Schilthuis has in-house experts and a workforce capable of executing a project of this calibre.

The Local 6 members working for Schilthuis have brought their skill, intelligence, and hard work to the project—and it shows. Many Schilthuis members are also Hamilton-area residents, and this brings a sense of satisfaction in not only being part of a great project, but also helping do good work for the community they live in.

A recent federal funding announcement gave the project a boost of more than $10 million, meaning the project is almost halfway to its goal of just over $22 million.

The new Ottawa Street YWCA Hamilton directly addresses Hamilton’s affordable housing crisis by creating 50 affordable housing units for women and children in the Crown Point neighbourhood—15 of those units designated for women living with developmental disabilities. The new building will also incorporate a multifunctional seniors centre with a dedicated kitchen on the ground floor. The exterior of the building will be flanked by trees and other greenery, including a community garden.

Local 6 is proud to have members working on projects that will have such a positive impact on the community we live in.

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