Just Stay Home!
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Just Stay Home!

If you are sick, don't come in to work

Are you constantly going to work while sick as a dog? Are you proud of how strong and dedicated you are? 

Study after study has shown that you should just stay home. By dragging yourself into work, you are infecting your coworkers and decreasing overall productivity. 

One recent study, published in the Economics & Human Biology journal titled “The Effects of Employment on Influenza Rates,” matched up eight years of employment data with rates of flu-related doctor’s visits. It found that for every one percent rise in employment, there was a nineteen percent rise in influenza cases. 

The impact was greater in healthcare and retail environments, and lower in construction and manufacturing environments, due to the differing amounts of interpersonal contact. 

On average, you are contagious for five days when you have the flu—one day before symptoms, and four days afterward. While you can’t stop the spread if you don’t know you are contagious, once you are sick, you can avoid others to limit the number of people you expose. This is particularly vital when you are working with the elderly and frail. 

“Having a generous sick day policy may actually be good for [a company’s] bottom line, because if an employee shows up to work and they’re sick, they’re likely to infect other people,” says Erik Nesson, an economics professor at Ball State and coauthor of the study. “And that loss of productivity may be very high, compared to the loss from that initial sick person staying home from work.”

During flu season, it’s important to wash your hands well and often, avoid touching your face, and get the flu shot. And please, if you are sick, just stay home.

Source: Canadian HR Reporter

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