The Happiest Time of the Year
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The Happiest Time of the Year

By Isobel Farrell, CLAC Regional Director

As I sit down to write this, there are only a few weeks left of August. For many people, the winds of change are happening—children are getting ready to return to school and summer vacations are coming to an end.

Our house is no exception. Our youngest child is heading back to the University of Ottawa to begin her second year. The next few weeks will be a flurry of Costco trips and packing and repacking to make sure everything can fit into the car. Oh, and let’s not forget about the mounds of laundry that will mysteriously need to be done before we take off!

But then, suddenly, this increase in activity is rewarded with a renewed tranquility. There’s more food when I open the fridge door, our washing machine doesn’t need to run every day, and there isn’t a bird’s nest’s worth of hair to be swept up each morning in the bathroom. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children completely and unconditionally, but this segue into empty nesting is really quite wonderful. 

However, the ease into adult-only housing didn’t happen instantly. Our daughter is the youngest of three and we have had extensive experience in this season of September change. At the beginning, there were more worries about the transition, heightened fears that our children wouldn’t succeed, and probably a lot more helicopter parenting as we internally doubted our skills as parents. Fast forward a few years, and this time of change has become a welcomed friend.

This time of year serves as a good reminder to me that the pain of change can turn into pleasure. I don’t need to fear change but embrace it and make the most of it. Whether at work or in our personal lives, we cannot stop change. And that’s a good thing! There would be many missed opportunities, experiences, or new friendships if we had the ability to keep change from happening.

So as summer winds to a close and September brings a change in routine, try to see the positive. You never know what good things could be around the corner.

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