Progress for Oxford Gardens Employees with New Contract
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Progress for Oxford Gardens Employees with New Contract

Woodstock, ON—Employees of CSH (Oxford Gardens) Inc. in Woodstock ratified a new three-year collective agreement providing them with wage increases and other improvements.

The 79 employees are members of Southwestern Ontario Health Care and Service Workers Union, CLAC Local 303. The local was certified to represent the employees in 2016.

The new contract provides employees with a two percent per year wage increase. It also includes improvements to the vacation grid and access to shift giveaways for full-time employees.

“We know that healthcare can be a tough environment to negotiate in right now,” says Ashley Casey, who is a guest attendant at the home and member of the union bargaining committee. “We decided to focus on what we could realistically achieve.”

“We are confident it’s a good contract,” says fellow bargaining committee member Stacey Silver, who is a care provider at the home. “We know that it will only get better each time we go back to negotiate.”

The collective agreement is only the second one negotiated with the employer since the employees joined CLAC Local 303.

“We feel good about the foundation we’ve laid with this contract,” says Susan Siemens, CLAC regional director. “We will continue to build on the gains we’ve made in the coming years as the bargaining relationship matures.”

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