CLAC Presents the Importance of Fair Tendering to the TDSB
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CLAC Presents the Importance of Fair Tendering to the TDSB

Open bidding would have prevented a $143 cost for a pencil sharpener and $4,000 to adjust clocks for daylight savings time

Toronto—CLAC will be before the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) this afternoon to make a presentation to trustees on why they should allow all qualified and safe contractors to bid and work on school construction projects. The focus of our arguments will be leveled from a position of fairness and will focus on cost, safety, and investment in future talent. 

“The presentation to the school board is our chance to show that this opportunity for fairness will also result in significant cost savings and protections against inappropriate bidding behaviour,” says Andrew Regnerus, Ontario construction coordinator of CLAC. “To be fair, open, and inclusive is what is taught in Toronto schools and it is good for the trustees to be held accountable to these fundamental beliefs.”

Key facts that will be presented:

  • The TDSB came under fire in 2012 and 2014 as a result of separate media investigations into significant overspending for work on projects that would not have happened in a competitive bidding environment.
  • The savings expected with fair and open tendering will be 8-25 percent and will be enough to help tackle the $3.85 billion infrastructure deficit the board currently faces.
  • Protections and checks are in place to ensure that the contractors and workers will be paid a fair wage and are working safely.
  • The CLAC contractors who want access are committed to apprenticeship, community benefits, and investing in skills. 


“The term monopoly describes what happens when one group benefits at the expense of everyone else—in this case it is the students, parents, and the school board,” says Ian DeWaard, Ontario director of CLAC. “No one holding a monopoly ever relinquished it without a fight. We know that both sides will present compelling cases, but the school board needs to be a champion of their inclusive values and make sure they are acting in the best financial interest of the students and parents they serve.” 

Andrew Regnerus will be making the presentation to the TDSB’s Committee of the Whole meeting that starts today at 4:30 p.m. 


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