CLAC Welcomes Sensible Labour Code Amendments In BC
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CLAC Welcomes Sensible Labour Code Amendments In BC

Open season in construction to be every three years

Victoria, BC—Construction workers across British Columbia, regardless of their union affiliation, will benefit from labour code amendments passed today by the BC Legislature, according to CLAC, which represents workers across the province.

“We’d like to give credit to Green Party leader Andrew Weaver, who was instrumental in improving Bill 30 and averting potential labour disruption this summer,” says Ryan Bruce, CLAC’s BC government relations manager. “We would also like to acknowledge Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson’s leadership and the efforts of MLAs John Martin, Greg Kyllo, and Michael Lee for their commitment to seeing these changes through.”

As a progressive union, CLAC, along with the Progressive Contractors Association of Canada and Canada Works, provided their policy perspective on improvements to Bill 30, including the benefit of open season in construction every three years, rather than every year during the summer months. This provides for greater stability for construction workers. The amendment, introduced by the BC Liberals and supported by the BC Greens, was passed.

Open season is a term that refers to the time period in which unionized workers have the right to change unions. The NDP claimed that increasing the frequency of open season for construction only during the summer would have a “stabilizing” effect.

“We’re very pleased that the NDP government was unsuccessful in using the labour code as a vehicle to help its select union supporters,” says Bruce. “This is a good day for all workers and British Columbians.”

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