Terrible Traits
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Terrible Traits

7 personality traits you need to tame to succeed at work

Want to succeed at work, and in life? Then don’t be a narcissistic Nick, negative Nancy, or whiny Wendy. Some personality traits have the potential to destroy your relationships—and reputation—at work.


7 Personality Traits You Need to Tame

1. Don’t be a narcissistic Nick.

While narcissistic personality disorder is a legitimate mental condition, people with narcissistic traits are selfish, entitled, lack empathy, and have an exaggerated sense of importance. Narcissistic individuals in the workplace cause a lot of drama and instability—they believe they’re more skilled and accomplished than others, while at the same time viewing themselves as victims when things don’t go their way. 

2. Don’t be a passive aggressive Pat.

This personality type is slippery—they seem cooperative and friendly, yet gossip, withhold information, or leave “innocent” notes rather than have a face-to-face conversation. Passive aggression is a deliberate way of masking hidden anger, and the behaviours create an unpleasant, hostile atmosphere in the workplace and even sabotage productivity.

3. Don’t be a rebellious Randy.

Devil-may-care attitudes are cool in movies but not so cool at work. These rebellious types scoff at rules and procedures, defy their superiors, question every little thing, and even engage in unsafe work practices. 

4. Don’t be a negative Nancy.

Negativity is infectious and spreads through a workplace like a disease. Negative people aren’t always aware they’re negative—they often view themselves as cautious and pragmatic by finding fault with everything. However, their attitude dampens morale and creates a toxic environment.

5. Don’t be a lazy Larry.

If you constantly are late, take extra-long breaks, and slack off, your coworkers will have to work harder to make up for you and then grow to resent you. You’ll also create the impression that you’re unreliable and immature, which will drastically hurt your career.

6. Don’t be a whiny Wendy.

If you complain about anything and everything at work, you’re killing your reputation. Your coworkers will think you are unproductive, that you complain about them too, and that you can’t cope with change. Worst of all, they won’t trust or respect you and you will lose all credibility. No one will take you seriously.

7. Don’t be a drama king or queen.

Drama is appropriate on reality TV shows, not the workplace. Drama kings or queens viciously gossip, compete with coworkers, and air all their petty grievances, creating an atmosphere that resembles a soap opera set more than a workplace with professional adults. 

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