Steady Gains for AEL Employees Following Wage and Benefits Review
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Steady Gains for AEL Employees Following Wage and Benefits Review

Kelowna, BC—Employees of AEL, a division of Emcon Services Inc., and CLAC Local 68 negotiated a five-year wage and benefits review of their collective agreement providing them with increases to wages and significant increased employer payments toward the cost of the benefits plan.

The 50 employees include equipment operators, mechanics, traffic controllers, labourers, and road forepersons. They have been represented by Construction and Allied Workers Union, CLAC Local 68, for nearly 20 years.

The amended contract includes wage increases of two percent per year over the remaining five years of the contract for all employees, with traffic controllers receiving a $2 per hour increase in 2019. Employer payments toward the cost of the benefits plan will increase to $1.75 per hour, with annual increases of 4 percent per year. In addition, the boot allowance was increased to $150.

“The wage and benefits review resulted in steady gains for our members for the remainder of the contract,” says Jim Oostenbrink, CLAC Kelowna regional director. “It provides security and assurance for both our members and the company moving forward.”

AEL operates out of Merritt, West Kelowna, and Quesnel providing traffic control, snow clearing, and road maintenance services in these areas as well as for the Coquihalla Highway and highways 5 and 97.

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