Unintended Consequences
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Unintended Consequences

By Heidi Martens, Representative

One day in March, I passed three dead animals on the highway. When society decided highways were worth the investment, it wasn’t because more animals would be hit by increasing number of cars. Roadkill is what is considered an unintended consequence of the technology of a highway. Car accidents are the same.

New technologies always come with unintended consequences. Social scientists, teachers, parents, and psychologists have been talking about the impact that smartphones will have on children as they develop. 

What about smartphones and work? What are the unintended consequences of having fast and constant access during the workday? The positives are many: increased interaction and engagement, easier communication, etc. However, the risks and responsibilities change when social media platforms are a click away. Many employers have responded by enforcing a social media policy. Employees need to be familiar with this policy to avoid the unintended consequences of using their phones and social media platforms at work or to talk about work, among other concerns. 

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