In Trouble for Tweeting
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In Trouble for Tweeting

Did you know that you can get in trouble at work for things you share on social media? Many people share their thoughts about their life on social media and are surprised to find out that yes, you can actually get in trouble and even fired for talking negatively about your employer on any social media platform. 

Even workers with high privacy settings continue to fall into this trap—one of your followers can easily take a screenshot of a post and show it to management. 

Some pointers: 

  • Think twice before identifying the name of your workplace on your social media profile.
  • If you have a tough day at work, don’t vent about it on social media. Your meaning might not be clear to all your followers, and you might end up in a meeting explaining yourself. 
  • If you want to share strong public opinions, double-check to see if that opinion would cause your employer to question your loyalty. For example, if you work for a bank, think twice before posting a meme that calls into question the honesty of banks. 
  • If your coworkers are following you on social media and you want to post something that pokes fun at a particular social group, remember that some of your coworkers might be part of that social group and might not feel safe working with you anymore. 
  • While you might not get into trouble (depending on the specifics), think twice before bragging on social media about that warm vacation you took on stress leave. Your colleagues and manager might not understand. 
  • Read your employer’s social media policy and follow it!
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