To all employees of On Site,

It’s crunch time.

With a Labour Board vote just around the corner, the ball is now in your court to make a decision on joining CLAC. This vote will take place through secret ballots, and will allow all employees to exercise their right as a Canadian to choose a union.

The employer, in his recent letter sent out to all staff, suggests that unionization could lead to unpredictability.

I believe the opposite is true. With professional representation, workers can breathe easier knowing they have a union standing up for them. They can feel more empowered knowing that they have a say in how the company is run, and how their employer treats them. Work then becomes less unpredictable with a collective agreement in hand to consult when they are unsure about something.

The employer says that, “a union would introduce a third party into our relationship.”

There is no third party, but one group of employees who decide that they are better together, rather than divided. You are the union as a part of CLAC, along with 60,000 other workers across Canada

The employer says that, “the best job security is to ensure that the company continues to be profitable.”

We are a union that does what it takes to keep its members working. Our success as a union is dependent on the success of the companies we represent. In fact, many of the province’s most successful companies are signatory to CLAC.

The employer says, “we believe that we will be in a better position to weather these times if we are able to continue working directly with you,” and “we believe we get better results working face-to-face with each other to solve problems.”

I don’t doubt that at all. When management has all the power, I’m sure they get great results. I’m not so sure about you all, though.

The employer seems to forget that a majority of the workers for On Site have worked as part of CLAC—many of you for years.

You had a choice of which union to call on when you needed representation, and you chose us. Many of you have enjoyed our excellent benefits programs, and you have built a powerful retirement package through our pension and RSP programs. You have been included in the collective bargaining process, and cast ballots to ratify collective agreements. I have personally filed grievances for some of you, and we have come out vindicated. If you haven’t had the chance to experience what it’s like to work as a part of CLAC, ask your buddy who has. We stand by our reputation.

This certification drive has not been easy. There have been things brought to my attention that I have never seen before. I have even had to file an Unfair Labour Practise to the Labour Board for Jim Clarke, our lead organizer, after he was terminated from his job the day the application for certification was filed.

We have come a long way, and the finish line is in sight. I hope that on September 1, you vote YES to be a part of CLAC Local 63.


Curtis Haugan