Colin Pottie

Colin is a 44-year-old chief steward working for KBR Wabi at the Fort Hills site. He hails from Cape Breton, NS, but has spent a good portion of his life working in western Canada. He is the father of two children—Devin (grade12), and Megan (grade 10). He and his fiancée Dawn are expecting a baby in February.

Colin has made his living primarily as a machinist and millwright, although he has been working in materials since 2009. He first joined CLAC in 2008 and one year later he was approached by chief steward Gerry Harrison to join their team. Colin as been a steward and chief steward on various URS-Flint projects (Shell, Albian Sands, Firebag, and Surmont 2) ever since. Colin has been a member of a number of bargaining committees, including serving as a leading bargaining team member for the Surmont 2 site in 2012, representing 1,600 CLAC members.

Colin is a strong believer and promoter of the core values of CLAC. He strives to live out CLAC’s values in his role as chief steward and at home, particularly the principles of respect, justice, and integrity. These are the values that he maintains will ensure CLAC remains the better choice and a leader in the future. By electing Colin, you will allow him to continue to promote and encourage these values at the next level.

Deiter St. John

Deiter is a journeyman plumber/gasfitter living in Calgary and has worked for Mystique Mechanical for the past nine years. He has been a CLAC Local 63 member since 2007, starting and finishing his apprenticeship with Mystique.

Deiter served as a steward for over five years and has recently switched his role at the job site to become a foreman. While running his crew, he continues to use the skills he learned as a steward to ensure CLAC’s values of justice, integrity, and fairness continue—regardless of what hat he is wearing.

Deiter has worked on countless projects for Mystique within the city of Calgary, both as an apprentice and as a foreman, and knows the numerous benefits that a mutually respectful workplace can bring. Some of those projects include being the lead for mechanical on the new CLAC Calgary Member Centre, the 17-storey 640 5th Avenue tower, Calgary House, Okotoks Royal Canadian Oil Change, several Sobeys’ stores, numerous multifamily living complexes, and seniors’ housing facilities. Deiter has also served on many bargaining committees, seeing the membership through bad as well as better times, which all have their own challenges.

Deiter has been married for 13 years and has two children. He enjoys hunting and fishing whenever he gets the opportunity to go out and relax in the outdoors. He continues to be interested in serving the membership and looks forward to having the opportunity to be a member of the Local 63 Board.

Wayne Lodge

Wayne is a devoted family man who lives in Airdrie, AB, with his wife and children. He has spent his career working all over Alberta and Saskatchewan in the industrial and commercial construction fields, as well as working maintenance contracts as an industrial scaffold erector.

His passion for his trade as well as the industry as a whole are what drove him to first become a steward. Since then, he has worked to improve his skills and knowledge so that he may best represent his brothers and sisters, both in their work and in the union. Most recently, Wayne was part of a bargaining committee that ratified a collective agreement, which represented the largest voting body in Local 63 history, with an impressive 90 percent yes vote.

Wayne has proven to be an excellent contributor to the Local 63 Board and he is hoping to return to his position as a board member so he can continue his efforts and represent the members of Local 63.

Willie Hardwig

Willie is a journeyman heavy duty mechanic, crane operator, and apprentice electrician living in St. Albert, AB. He has worked for Ledcor for the past 17 years in Fort McMurray, Edmonton, and on various sites within Alberta. He has been a member of CLAC Local 63 since 2001.

Willie first became a CLAC steward in 2004 with Ledcor in Edmonton at the Nisku mod yard and has been chief steward there for the past four years. In total, he has been a steward in the mod yard near Edmonton for the past 13 years.

Willie is committed to the sustainability of the trades in Alberta and he strongly believes in the apprenticeship project and training for growth in the trades. He has been an active member in several bargaining committees, and is willing to listen and explain whatever problems members have in order to maintain the strength of the union.

When not at work, Willie enjoys shooting, machining, and socializing with friends. He is committed to working hard for his fellow members and will continue to do so if given the opportunity to serve on the Local 63 Board.