April 3, 2020

Ontario Construction Closures and Changes to CLAC Vacation Pay

Most of Ontario’s Construction Sector To Shutdown As Government Works to Flatten the Curve

On Friday afternoon, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced that all but 44 industries must close, and this includes most of the construction sector. The list of construction activities that are essential and can continue are here.

The premier stated that these measures were necessary to combat the spread of COVID-19. His remarks followed those of his medical advisors who earlier demonstrated that, without strict measures, the crisis would overwhelm our hospital systems and lead to an exponentially higher number of deaths.

The premier also announced further measures to protect workers who remain at work. There will be 60 additional inspectors and 25 more phone agents at the Health and Safety Call Centre. Workers worried that their workplaces are unsafe can phone 1-877-202-0008 to speak with an agent.

Important Changes to Vacation Pay Service for CLAC Members

We know that these are trying times and that, for many, there are more questions than answers.

In an effort to support you and your families during these times, we have adjusted the rules surrounding vacation pay. These are as follows:

1. Access to Vacation Pay at No Cost

Members can already request that vacation pay be sent by mail at no cost. For those that need it more quickly, you can request that vacation pay be couriered.

Members can request receipt of their vacation pay online through the myCLAC portal, or by calling the union.

Between April 13 and May 15, there will be no courier fee charged to members.

*Please note the online service will indicate a $25 charge, however this charge will be waived when the cheque is sent. Couriers will be sent out two times per week, so please allow two to three business days for delivery.

2. Vacation Pay Cheque Deliveries

Annually, CLAC is required to pay out all accumulated monies and this normally occurs by June 30. This year, due to COVID-19 crisis, this automatic payout will be postponed until September 15. At that time, we will deliver cheques to your work sites as per our normal practice each year.

CLAC Jobs – Ready to Assist

CLAC is tracking those who are laid off as a result of COVID -19. Please contact the Jobs Team at ONJobs@clac.ca to advise of your employment status. It is possible that some of the essential sectors of construction will need more workers. If you wish to be on the list for that work, the Jobs Team can help. For other information and assistance, contact your union rep.

We hope that these measures will provide some peace of mind.