March 19, 2020

Update for Ontario Healthcare Workers

Ontario Public Health continues to update its directives and recommendations to healthcare providers as it relates to COVID-19 precautions. For the latest and ongoing updates, see Ontario’s Public Health Updates.

What If I Work at Multiple Homes?

If this applies to you, the directive from Public Health thus far is: “Health workers who work in multiple locations should identify themselves to their managers and develop an individualized plan to manage their employment across these settings over the course of the pandemic. In some high-risk settings, it may be possible to coordinate arrangements for staff to only work in one institution.”

Travel and Return To Work

While directives from the government are constantly changing, on March 19, the Chief Medical Officer made clear that all healthcare workers who have travelled outside the country are instructed to self-isolate for a period of 14 days. Only a worker who all parties deem critical to continued operations can report to work. They will, however, be required to undergo regular screening, use PPE, and undertake active self-monitoring (taking their temperature twice daily) for 14 days.

Here is the current directive from the Chief Medical Health Officer of Ontario.

CLAC is continuing to reach out to officials for additional clarity on these directives so check back here for updates that are relevant to front-line workers.