March 31, 2020

New COVID-19 Guidelines for Construction

Clear instructions to help keep your work site safe during the pandemic

The Ministry of Labour’s chief prevention officer has posted new COVID-19 guidelines for construction with clear instructions that address

  • Sanitation of the work site, including regular disinfecting measures and access to hand-washing facilities
  • Obligation to develop and post COVID-19 policies
  • Work-scheduling practices

The ministry recommends “that any worker who has any symptoms related to cold, flu, or COVID-19 should be sent home.” Furthermore, your employer is required to report all known positive test results for COVID-19 to the

  • Ministry of Labour (in writing) within four days
  • Joint health and safety representative
  • Labour union

We encourage stewards and health and safety reps to review the guidance document carefully and work together with on-site supervisors on how best to implement these measures. If you have concerns with conditions at your work site, please contact your union representative immediately.