March 27, 2020

An Appeal on Behalf of Front-Line Healthcare Workers

CLAC calls on healthcare employers to increase wages by $2 per hour and provide an overtime premium.

Today, CLAC launched a coordinated and uniform appeal to all employers of members working in long term care facilities and home care settings.

In recent days, we’ve heard loud and clear how difficult it is for you to do your job during this crisis and about your heroic efforts.

You are working under extreme duress. You’re incurring additional personal costs. You’ve seen collective agreement provisions temporarily suspended. You’re daily exposed to high-risk patients.

Furthermore, some of you are being asked to forego your employment at other workplaces because of the COVID-19 crisis.

Our proposal calls for a $2 per hour increase during this pandemic and an overtime premium for all hours worked for homes in a declared outbreak.

Today, we alerted Ontario Minister of Long-Term Care Merrilee Fullerton of our province-wide appeal in a letter to her. We will be following up with your employers in the coming days.

Please feel welcome to contact your CLAC representative if you have questions about our proposal or any other concerns or questions.