CLAC Facts


André van Heerden
Communications Director

CLAC Stats

  • Founded in 1952
  • One of the largest independent, multisector, national unions in Canada with over 60,000 members working in a wide range of sectors—construction, education, emergency services, healthcare, retail, service, transportation, manufacturing, and more
  • 14 member centres located in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC
  • 25 active, independent, affiliated locals
  • Over 800 current collective agreements successfully negotiated, and over 7,000 since 1952
  • Over 2,600 bargaining unit certificates granted by provincial and federal labour boards
  • Part of the international labour movement as an affiliated member of the World Organization of Workers

Our Sectors

Construction and mining (Local 6, 52, 53, 63, 68, 150, 151, 152)

Education (Local 62, 306, 602)

Emergency services (Local 911, 920)

Entertainment and hospitality (Local 301, 501)

Healthcare and social services (Local 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306, 501)

Manufacturing (Local 56, 501, 519)

Retail (Local 301, 306)

Security (Local 503)

Transportation and warehousing (Local 56, 66, 402)

Our Government Relations

  • We work with governments of all stripes, but we are nonpartisan.
  • We do not support any political parties or candidates.
  • We do not tell our members how to vote.
  • We do meet regularly with government officials to discuss labour and economic matters, and contribute submissions on pending legislation affecting workers. We also attend some political functions to advocate for our members.
  • CLAC is independent of the Canadian Labour Congress. We provide a different union perspective on the issues that matter to workers.

Our News and Views

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Our Executive Team

Our executive team members bring their experience as workers, unionists, and managers to build positive workplace communities. They’re proud to lead a union that’s making a positive difference in so many workers’ lives.

Our Training

CLAC provides a complete range of safety and skills training that workers need to succeed in today’s workplaces.

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We work to make your workplace a better place—so that you and your co-workers can grow both as a workplace community and as individuals.

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