CLAC's Pledge

More hands. Better than one.

We work with our hands.
To create, build, and heal.
The cuts and scrapes on our hands
Show a hard day’s work.
We’re proud Canadians,
Who’ve had to persevere.
And we’re stronger because of it.

We’re proud of these hands.
We give a hand to someone in need.
A pat on the back for a job well done.
And a handshake for teamwork.
Because united, our hands are stronger.

We make it safe in the workplace.
So we can throw a baseball with our kids.
Throw burgers on the barbecue.
And play cards with our friends.
Because we’re not just workers.
We’re part of a community.

So let’s raise our hands for
Better opportunities.
Better training.
Better relationships.
Together, our hands can shape the future.
We are CLAC.

We are Better Together.



Our Commitments To You

Positive Work-Life

We are a modern union, committed
to bringing you the best possible
workplace. With better work
conditions, wages, and training,
it is our mission that you absolutely
love what you do.

Champions of You

Count on us to always be beside
you. We make your voice heard and
encourage you to fulfill your ambitions.
We give you better opportunities to
grow because your goals, dreams,
and aspirations are also ours.

Everyday Greatness

We help you achieve greatness.
Better relationships at work create
greater work satisfaction. And when
you enjoy what you do, everyone
benefits—from you and your family,
right through to your community

Hand made up of CLAC members