Protect yourself and your family from the financial hazards of illness or accident. Lower your health expenses. Prepare for retirement. As a CLAC member, you can. 

You know how expensive life is these days. That’s why we not only negotiate excellent wages and work conditions for you but also extensive health and welfare benefits and retirement plans.

The specific offerings you will enjoy are determined by your region and collective agreement, but you can still learn more by:

Health & Welfare

As a CLAC member, you and your family gain the advantage of extensive health and welfare benefit plans. Take advantage of the type of coverage that only comes with being part of the group. Read more . . .


Grow your nest egg to help you maintain your lifestyle after retirement. How? By supplementing government pensions and your personal savings with our retirement savings plans. Read more . . .


How do I get detailed information? Where do I get a claim form? Where can I get a copy of the benefit plan booklet? Discover the answers. Read more . . .


Take Action!

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