Being represented by CLAC gives you access to training courses that help you advance your skills and career. We offer classroom, computer-based, and mobile network training.

As a worker in today’s market, you know the importance of lifelong learning, skills development, and flexibility. That’s why our diverse training options offer you all of the above whether you’re looking for:

  • technical, trades, and operator training;
  • labour relations training;
  • health and safety training;
  • personal development training; or
  • online and computer-based training.

Our provincial training centres in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario are staffed with professional trainers, equipped with the latest technology, and support a comprehensive mobile network that trains workers in remote regions.

Better yet, all training is financed through contributions your employer agrees to, not your union dues—even when CLAC brings in third-party specialists for on-site company-specific training.

And unlike other unions that isolate their apprentices in their own facilities, our open training model allows us to partner with education providers that deliver the best training, making it more convenient for you, regardless of where you’re located.

Access Your Training Options

Being represented by CLAC means you can access

  • all the training courses we offer;
  • computer-based training: self-paced, flexible availability, take less time than classroom courses;
  • most courses for free or at a reduced rate if you have an education fund clause negotiated in your collective agreement;
  • courses for free for up to three months if you’re laid off and your former employer contributed to CLAC’s education and training fund (ETF);
  • company-specific training at your job site;
  • bursaries to cover training costs*;
  • sponsored apprenticeship training with bursaries*;
  • help when applying for apprenticeships;
  • hearing tests given at your job site.

Learn more about our courses, course calendars, apprenticeship program, or bursary program today. Or, to participate in a course, contact your nearest provincial training centre.

* Some conditions apply based on your province, collective agreement terms, and hours worked.


Take Action!

Call one of our knowledgeable regional reps today to start the process of transforming your workplace into one marked by progressive labour relations.