British Columbia

The training needs of members working in BC and in Yukon Territory are provided mainly by CLAC's Langley Training Centre. All BC training is coordinated through the Langley centre, including on-site, mobile training at remote locations for some members. For a list of current courses available, click on the course calendar PDF below. To register for a course, a registration form PDF is available for you to fill out and send. The Kelowna Training Centre provides local training for members working in the Okanagan region of the province.

Did you know?

If you have worked for a company that contributes to the Education and Training Fund, we offer 3 months of free training from our Course Calendar from the date that you left the company.

For more info on courses download a pdf below:

BC Course Calendar Spring / Summer 2013 (4MB)

Think Safety - Think Certified TSC/CSO (272KB)

British Columbia Training Registration Form (225KB)

British Columbia Course Reimbursement Program (2MB)

British Columbia Apprenticeship Bursary Program (2MB)

British Columbia Apprenticeship Training Program (1MB)

BC Course Reimbursement Program (318KB)

BC Apprenticeship Bursary Program (290KB)

BC Apprenticeship Training Program (212KB)


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