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Enjoy the advantages of belonging to a union—job security, advocacy for fair pay and work conditions, a great benefits package, training programs—without the negative union baggage. Join CLAC.

Just ask any of the 60,000 workers we represent across Canada, and they’ll tell you being part of a union doesn’t have to mean feeling alienated from your co-workers or employer—if your union is CLAC, that is.

In fact, they’ll tell you we’re all about a constructive, values-based approach that builds positive work environments and creates positive results.

Union Doesn't Have to Mean Strike

When you’re a part of CLAC, we understand your focus is being on the job. That’s why we use our size and experience to keep you working at full pay.

While workers always have the right to withdraw their services, we’ve found that alternate approaches—negotiation, arbitration, and mediation—are highly effective at achieving the same goal.

That’s not to say CLAC will never strike—we have had five strikes in our history—but striking is our approach of last resort.

Feel free to call that a progressive union philosophy if you’d like—for us, the point is to do what works best to keep you on the job.

Sure, if an issue calls for a tough union response, we have your back . . . but not at the expense of the other issues in your life, like a full paycheque or feeling good in your place of work.

That’s why we’re one of Canada’s fastest growing unions. That’s also why governments and private sector employers rate CLAC highly when doing their contract due diligence process . . . which only means more jobs for the workers we represent.

We Share Your Values

Do you value social justice, respect, dignity, and fairness in the workplace? Ever since we started in 1952, we’ve found that, regardless of personal beliefs, these values are universal. They’re also the values that make for the most effective union. Today, aggression is out. Constructive dialogue is in.

We also recognize there are other work-related things you value:

  • Great Benefits – Whether you need medical, disability, insurance, retirement, bereavement, or an employee and family assistance program, you’ll find it with us.
  • Training Programs – Whether it’s hard or soft skills-based training, you’ll find our professional trainers, contemporary learning centres, and mobile training network available to help you advance your career.
  • Job Placement and seniority transfer – Whether it’s your seniority being maintained when you transition to a new job, using our Career Services to remain actively employed, or having our national team help you find work (or employers find you), it’s all a part of being represented by CLAC.

Isn’t it time you joined the thousands of workers benefiting from the CLAC difference?

Call one of our knowledgeable reps today toll free at 1–800–268–5281 or use the links below to learn more.

  • How To Join – Learn about getting organized and negotiating a contract.
  • Solidarity – Benefit from association with CLAC while supporting a common philosophy.
  • FAQs – Learn from the most commonly asked questions.
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