In addition to benefits extended to all workers we represent, we also have extra offerings. Simply sign a CLAC membership card, and you’re on your way to making your life that much better.

Being represented by CLAC at your workplace doesn’t mean you’ve signed a CLAC membership card yet. So why sign your own membership card? To gain full access to these extras while showing your support for all we do.

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Advantage Program

Save your hard-earned dollars through discounts on computers, insurance, car rentals, and more through our discount program. Read more...


Invest in the future for you and your family: invest in education. Our scholarship program is available to you and your spouse, children, and grandchildren. Read more...


In the midst of losing a loved one, you have the support of your extended CLAC family. And while it won’t remove your pain or sense of loss, our Bereavement Fund will help with your immediate financial pressures. Read more...


Apprenticeships can be costly. That’s why we help our apprentices pay for the schooling they need to finish well. Get assistance with your trade school fees through our tuition apprenticeship bursaries. Read more...


Training can be costly. That’s why we help our workers pay for the variety of courses they need to advance their personal careers. Get assistance with your training fees through our generous bursary program. Read more...


Take Action!

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