CLAC Calls on Ottawa to Take Control of Bill C-377

DATE: November 19, 2012

Mississauga, ON—CLAC today called on the federal government to take control of Bill C-377 by asking the sponsoring Member of Parliament to withdraw the bill and having it redrafted after review by privacy and constitutional law experts.

CLAC laid out its position in a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

“We support disclosure of financial information by unions to members,” says Dick Heinen, CLAC’s executive director, “but C-377 is too flawed to become law without substantial amendments. The government needs to have its legal experts review and redraft the bill and bring it back as a government initiative.

“Testimony at the Finance Committee hearings on C-377 from witnesses such as the Canadian Bar Association and the Privacy Commissioner for Canada raised considerable doubt about the constitutionality of the bill. Whatever legislation is brought back should take these parties’ concerns and suggestions into account.

“C-377 clearly requires public disclosure of private information. CLAC believes only union members and the government should have access to sensitive financial information.”


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